Bertha Bryan

Director of Operations
Bertha Bryan has over 30 years of experience in the private and corporate sectors of early childhood education. She served in various critical roles for multiple KinderCare Learning Centers, such as Center Director and Director-in-Training, as well as the corporate role of Senior Subsidy Tuition Field Coordinator where she managed 14 center-level coordinators.
She also has extensive experience in the private non-profit sector as a Preschool Administrator and Director for 7 years, where she found great passion working with an organization that valued giving back to the community. During her tenure, Bertha has dedicated her time to studying early childhood education and has a deep understanding of the industry.
When she’s not busy with work, Bertha loves to spend time with her two children, granddaughter, family, and friends. With her wealth of experience and love for her family and community, Bertha Bryan is a driving force to all.