Our Programs

LOVS programs include:

Infants, Toddlers, Early Preschool, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Transitional Kindergarten classrooms.

The learning experience builds upon a foundation of developing meaningful relationships grounded with values and activities that activate and nurture the child’s natural sense of discovery, joy, and wonder. Children 3 years and older will also be provided with a curriculum that builds their confidence and independence, so they feel comfortable exploring on their own and asking questions.

The listed age ranges for each program are recommendations for most children. We recognize that every child matures at a different pace and our programs are available and flexible to serve your child throughout every step of the learning journey.


(6 weeks – 18 months)

We nurture each child’s healthy growth and development by actively engaging in language and communication, motor skills, and social-emotional development during daily routines and intentional learning experiences.


(18 – 36 months)

We promote communication skills and vocabulary development, fine and gross motor movement, and creative expression.

Early Preschool

(2 Years – 3 Years)

We engage each child in expressive language and exploratory play to develop social skills and physical coordination. LOVS activities encourage group participation through music, art, story reading, and mealtime.


(3 Years – 4 Years)

We build a foundation of joy and love for reading, including an introduction to nascent literary concepts, phonemic awareness, and the ability to identify words that rhyme. LOVS staff introduces Spanish and Mandarin to create global and cultural awareness. We also introduce mathematical language and concepts, problem solving, and exploratory play.


(4 Years – 5 Years)

We celebrate a love of learning and curiosity about the world through instruction and play – in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, physical development, creative arts, technology, life skills, integrity, values, and character development.

Transitional Kindergarten

(5 Years – 6 Years)

As a stepping stone between Preschool and Kindergarten, we prepare each student with academic rigor and love for learning. We focus on activities that further build fine motor skills, early math skills, and quality reading time.