LOVS Nutrition Program

Welcome to our LOVS Early Education and Preschool’s Nutrition Program! We believe that good nutrition is essential to a child’s growth and development, and we are committed to providing a healthy and balanced diet for all of our students.

Our LOVS Nutrition Program is designed to support healthy eating habits and promote a lifelong love of nutritious foods. Our goals include:

Our approach to achieving these goals includes:

We take pride in our LOVS Nutrition Program and are committed to providing high-quality meals and snacks that support the health and well-being of our students. Sample menus are available on our website to give parents and caregivers an idea of the types of foods and meals that are served as part of the program.
We also offer resources and tips to help families reinforce healthy eating habits at home. From recipes to ideas for healthy snacks, we are committed to working together with families to support the health and well-being of our students.
As soon as your child is ready for table food, we serve yummy (and nutritious) meals that they’ll love. We firmly believe attitudes about nutrition and fitness are formed early in life. That is why the LOVS staff participates in the Balanced Menus program, which meets or exceeds USDA standards. During snack and lunch time, children discuss the benefits of eating a Balanced Menu consisting of protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A trained Food Service Teacher prepares meals on campus, and your child eats in the comfort and security of his or her classroom in an unhurried setting. LOVS provides an environment that encourages your child to try new, healthy foods.
Nutritious mid-morning and afternoon snacks, as well as lunch, are served daily. A late afternoon snack also provides energy your child needs to stay active and alert until he or she leaves school at the end of the day.
Due to the potential risks associated with nut allergies in young children, our staff does not use or allow nut products or products containing any derivative of nuts. You should discuss any special dietary needs for your child with the LOVS staff. Modest accommodations will be made for your child if he or she has food allergies, is subject to dietary restrictions, or requires specific menu items for cultural reasons.

Our popular meals feature many key benefits for active growing kids across the Tri-Valley:

In response to the pandemic, we have implemented these policies:

AM and PM Snacks:

LOVS provides AM and PM Snacks at no additional charge. Parents should check with the LOVS staff regarding details and availability of our snack options.

Nutritional Lunch provided by premier Food Caterers. Our menu is created by a Chef and a nutritionist who craft recipes and select ingredients with the care that parents expect.

Thank you for considering our LOVS preschool’s Nutrition Program. We look forward to working with you to support your child’s healthy development.

Our Partner

LOVS have selected Choicelunch to be our catering partner. Choicelunch is our signature hot lunch provider and they provide the highest quality school lunch program in the Bay Area on all fronts.

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